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Our Tips for the Smoothest Legs for Spring

Warmer weather means shorter hemlines! Don’t get caught in your favorite sundress with legs looking not so fly. We’ve got some great tips on keeping your legs looking gorgeous for the hotter months, whether you’re in a bikini on the beach or in short shorts at a festival. Here’s how to get smooth and sexy legs this season.

Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate!

Smooth legs don’t magically appear after hiding under heavy denim during the winter months. You got to work for them by exfoliating with a good scrub. We love this Japanese towel for ultra smooth skin, it’s rough texture is perfect to use before shaving and will make your skin look polished so soft.

Flawless and Even

This seems crazy right? But everyone has scars and scrapes on their knees and legs, so even out your skin with a bb cream! We like mixing a few drops with body lotion for smooth, flawless legs. Or try a shade darker for a quick tan!

Highlight and shine

Yes you can highlight anywhere you please! A small amount of highlighter along the very middle of your shin bone and thighs can really make your legs pop. Using a slim fan brush or even your finger will help you apply it in just the right spot. Try it and you’ll see just how awesome your legs look in that beach snap!

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