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Current Fave: LA Girl Beauty Brick Blush Palette

When you don’t have much space in your makeup bag, but want the full arsenal, look no further than the LA Girl Beauty Brick Blush Palette. This sleek palette includes two shades of blush, a bronzer and highlighter that complement any look. No need to carry four separate products any more!

Whether you want to look glam or glowy, the LA Girl Beauty Brick Blush Palette comes in 4 different shades. Each powder is extremely blendable and highly pigmented. We love using the blushes on the apples of the cheek for a fresh look, and adding bronzer lightly all over the face for a warm glow. The highlighter shades look great applied with a fan brush! If you’re a makeup artist packing your kit or a makeup lover looking for an affordable palette, the LA Girl Beauty Brick Blush Palette is a versatile and gorgeous addition to your collection.

Check out what Bee had to say:

“Every shade in these palettes is super soft and easy to pick up with a brush...almost too easy. If I dip my brush in lightly, I still have to tap it to get the extra powder off. But I'm not complaining! They're nicely pigmented too. Overall, these are super cute face palettes and I know I'll get a lot of use out of them.”

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