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Current Fave: LA Girl Inspiring Brow Palette

There are a ton of brow products out on the market, and finding the perfect one can be overwhelming. Pencils, powders, gels, and waxes, what should you use? Luckily, we’ve got one palette that covers all the bases.

The new LA Girl Inspiring Brow Palette is small but mighty, packed with 2 shades of brow powder, wax, highlighter, and the all the tools you need for fierce eyebrows. Use the wax to grip hair and provide texture, the light and dark powders to add dimension, and the highlighter to bring out that arch. Tweezers clean up the strays, while the angled brush and spoolie help you apply the products on the go. Packaged in a sleek tin compact, it’s perfectly travel friendly for after gym touch ups or a road trip with your girlfriends.

Check out what Alyssa had to say:

“The powders are incredibly pigmented and cool toned. You can get very natural looking brows using just the powder, or make them bolder by mixing in the wax so it’s really versatile! This is my new staple kit!”

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