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5 Easy Beauty Hacks For Fuller Lips

It’s a trend that doesn’t seem to go away, everyone seems to want big full lips. From Angelina to Kylie, celebrities are known for their pout, but not all of us are blessed with them. A full lip can be easy to hack, and no you don’t need a suction device or injections to do it! Just follow our best hacks and your kisser will look fuller, plumper, and so juicy.

Cover ‘Em

It may look and feel weird at first, but applying your concealer or foundation over your lips will make them a blank canvas. This allows you to draw in a new lip line without your lip’s natural pigmentation getting in the way.

Line ‘Em

With your lips concealed, it’s time to line your lips. You’re welcome to overdraw them, but just remember, the further away you draw the lip liner, the bigger and stranger your lips will look. Think subtle and plump. Draw your new line close to you natural lip line, but curve the line outward for plump looking lips. Once you’re done, fill in your entire lip with the same liner for better lipstick staying power.

Eye-line ‘Em

A fun trick to highlight your cupid’s bow with precision is to use an eyeliner. A light champagne shade with subtle shimmer works great here. Trace the two lines of your philtrum from your nose to your lips, fill in the cupid’s bow, and line your upper lip from the two points in the middle to the corners of your mouth with the eyeliner. This trick will instantly brighten the cupid’s bow making you lips look extra full!

Highlight ‘Em

Using your finger, apply even more highlighter to your cupid’s bow and to the center of your bottom lip. Drawing attention to the center will make your lips look pouty and more juicy, no matter if you’re going matte or glossy.

Plump ‘Em

If you want even more of a punch, apply a lip plumping gloss either all over your lips or dabbed into the center. The tingly formula will plump the lips, erasing fine lines, for juicy pouty lips.

What are your favorite lip hacks? Share them with us on Instagram @simplymakeupofficial!

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