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Current Fave: Beauty Treats 88 Warm Palette

When starting out, it’s tough choosing what products to keep in your makeup bag. There are so many colors and finishes, it’s easy to spend a fortune on eyeshadow alone. But how are you supposed to know if Ochre Bling is for you if you never give it a try? Buying individual pots of color is out of the question, so what’s a girl to do?

With the Beauty Treats 88 Warm Palette, you can get every warm eyeshadow in matte, shimmery, or pearl finishes. Their buttery texture makes the shadows easy to blend, while their high pigmentation will give you bold and vibrant looks. So whether you’re an aspiring makeup artist or just having fun, the 88 Warm Palette has all the shadows you need for a natural everyday or a bronze glam look perfect for Autumn.

Check out what Lauren L. has to say about the palette:

This is an awesome palette with 88 beautiful warm colors, several tones of brown (my favorite), coral, nude, blue, and others. It's very good, I did not like their brush, but if you use it with your own brushes, it's perfect! The price is veeery good, no need to buy single shadows and will last forever! :))”

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