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Love Your Selfie: #ThePowerofMakeup

You should know by now that we are very obsessed with makeup. It’s a ritual we look forward to every morning (or GNO!) and the confidence and creativity it brings out of us is something that can’t be replaced. But if makeup makes us feel so good, why do some people want to make us feel so bad for using it?

One of our favorite beauty gurus, @NikkieTutorials created a video called “The Power of Makeup” to silence the makeup shamers out there who complain about girls wearing too much makeup. Her video reached millions of viewers and sparked a viral trend of other beauty mavens hashtagging photos of themselves wearing a half face of makeup with #ThePowerofMakeup. See below for our favorite half made up selfies on Instagram:






We hope this post inspired you to be yourself and to express yourself in any art form whether its makeup, fashion, painting, or any creative outlet you choose. If your art makes you feel confident and good about yourself, don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise. Stay beautiful!

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