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Beauty Tip #4: No Primer Needed

Are your eyeshadows looking a little lackluster? Do you find it smudged and faded by the end of your night out? Try this quick little trick that’ll add a ton of definition to your Fall eyeshadow looks.

Instead of a white or skin-toned primer, use a black gel liner as a base for your deeper eyeshadow shades. The black color will add dimension and depth to any shadow applied on top. We love copper, purple, and even emerald shades for this technique. Be sure to blend out any harsh lines before applying eyeshadow. For a more detailed look at this technique check out Loveemanda's Emerald Green Smoky Eye Tutorial!

Let us know about your beauty secrets or quick fixes in the comments below, and also comment if you have a specific beauty issue or question you’d like us to address next week!


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