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Back to Basics: A Guide to Eyeliners

Getting into makeup is so much fun, but can be pretty overwhelming with the amount of products available to you. We’re bringing you this new series, Back to Basics, to guide you in the fundamentals of makeup, from how to use specific products to what colors match your skintone! The first subject we’re tackling is eyeliners!

Eyeliners come in so many forms and can be used in a million ways. We’ve got 3 types and we’ll tell you how to use them to get the best results from each product.


The classic pencil liner can be used to define your eyes, and depending on the color, you can achieve big bright eyes or a sexy smoldering look. You can apply the sharpened pencil to your waterline, tightline, and lashline.


The gel pencil is similar to the classic pencil and can be used the same way, but the product is much softer in texture making it easy to blend out or smudge. You’ll get a smoother application and can even use the gel pencil on your eyelids as an eyeshadow base or blended out for quick color.


The gel liner in a pot is the most versatile of the eyeliner types. You can use the gel liner as a traditional winged liner or simply define your lash line. Be sure you have an angled brush or eyeliner brush to cleanly apply it. The gel liner can be applied as an eyeshadow base to give depth to a darker eyeshadow look or smokey eye. And if you have a brown or lighter colored gel liner, you can apply it to your brows for a bold a defined look.


Depending on who you ask, liquid liner can be the easiest or the hardest thing to master. Used mainly on the lashline for winged liner or definition, the liquid liner pen will give you precision and control. With a tiny felt tip, you can get the sharpest winged line with this product.

A larger, marker-like tip will give you a thicker and more dramatic winged line. The thicker handle can be easier to use for beginners, but be aware that you'll get a pretty bold wing with it!

A liquid liner in a pot will give you the same precision as the pen but the opacity and pigmentation like the gel pot liner. You have the option to use the attached felt tip or use your own eyeliner brush!

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