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Current Fave: LA Girl Fineline Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner can be hard to achieve and with so many different methods, like pencil, gel, or liquid, it’s hard to choose the best way. What if we told you there’s a product that makes all this confusion go away? This little baby will turn any eyeliner novice into a pro.

The LA Girl Fineline Eyeliner makes applying winged liner a breeze with its deeply pigmented and non-smudging formula and its ultra-precise felt tip. You’ll get a crisp clean line every single time without dragging from it’s smooth and even application. We swear, you won’t need another liquid liner than this one.

Check out what Tessa had to say about it:

“To begin, this product lives up to its name. The felt liner tip is fine (in terms of both shape and amazingness)! It works beautifully when lining the inner corners, making an exact cat-eye edge, or just trying to go for a more natural, thin line. The pigmentation is solid and it glides on like a dream!

I recommend this for everyone, but especially if you're trying marker tipped eyeliners for the first time. Since it is so thin, you can easily control where you mark, and build up if you want! And of course, it's inexpensive!”

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