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The Best Tools for Contouring

Contouring and highlighting is an art in itself. Getting the perfect shadows and shimmers on just the right area of your face can be all the difference to a muddy complexion to gorgeous sculpted and glowing skin. And all of it can be made simple if you have the right tools. Check out our picks for the best tools to use for contouring, highlighting, and more!

1. Angled Powder Brush

The tapered and fluffy brush is great for applying blush and bronzer. It can also be used for light contouring in a pinch, just be sure to use a lighter shade contour powder.

2. Conic Kabuki Brush

This is our go-to brush for contouring. It fits perfectly into the hollows of your cheeks for a precise application of contour powder or bronzer. 

3. Fan Brush

Get that glow with this amazing fan brush. It's less dense than most fan brushes, which means that you will never over apply highlighter and always look gorgeous and glowing.

4. Blender Sponge

An awesome sponge is essential for blending out cream contour and highlighters. Use it damp for a more natural finish. It also doubles as a powder puff because of its slanted edge that will work wonders for baking on setting powder.

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