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Must Have Products to Keep in Your Gym Bag

New year, new gym membership! If one of your 2016 goals is to stay active and get healthy, we're sharing our must have products to take to the gym to stay looking glam. Whether keep your makeup on during workouts, or need a quick refresh when your heading out of the locker room, check out our top picks for the gym bunnies!

Skinlite Makeup Cleansing Tissues

We can't live without makeup wipes. Keep these in your duffle to quickly remove your makeup before a workout or use it to touch up your look later!

LA Girl Pro BB Cream

You're finally done sweating it out and you're ready hit the town, a bb cream is the perfect base to quickly apply for an even complexion. Use your fingers to blend it out and you'll look ready for just about anything.

LA Girl Glide Gel Liner - Deep Bronze

We love taking a creamy gel liner pencil because it won't take up any space in your bag and it's so easy to use as a liner or a cream eyeshadow if you're heading out after your workout. Roughly apply it to the lash line and use your finger to blend it out for a bronzey effortless look. 

City Color All-Set Setting Spray

If you prefer to keep your makeup on during a workout (we won't judge, we're the same!), take a setting spray with you to ensure that your makeup won't budge from sweating. Bonus: it doubles as a refreshing mist in between sets! 

Jordana Fabubrow Eyebrow Pencil

Don't forget those brows! This pencil has a built in blending brush which makes applying killer brows a breeze. Touch up or reapply after a tough workout, and you'll look as glam as ever!

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