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Beauty Tip #30: Foundation That Stays All Day

Do you have a foundation you love, but can't get it to last the day? No matter how much primer, powder, or setting spray you use, it just moves and settles into fine lines by lunch time! We know how it is, but we found this genius way to make your foundation last all day long!

First, you always want to prime your face before applying foundation. This ensures that the foundation blends in easily with your skin, but also clings on to makeup making it last longer. Next, grab your favorite foundation brush and spray a long lasting setting spray directly onto the brush. Yes, spray your brush and not your face! Then, blend out your foundation using the sprayed brush and see how it effortlessly blends in your makeup! This trick works by blending the staying power of the spray directly with your makeup, and results in a longer lasting look! 

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