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Current Fave: Duo Eyelash Adhesive

Our first fave this year goes to an essential to our collection and a staple to every makeup artist's kit. The Duo Eyelash Adhesive is the world's best selling lash glue, and for good reason! Its latex-based formula was designed for all day wear and contains no harmful parabens or sulfates. It's a rule to never wear false lashes with a bad glue, and the Duo Lash Adhesive is the perfect match to any pair.

Check out what Kaich had to say:

"I've tried a lot of eyelash adhesives, but this one is the best for long wear. I can wear it for hours and not have to worry about the edges coming off! Comes off pretty easily with oil-based make-up removers. You only need a thin application, and so this tube lasts me about a year (with usage at an average of 3x/week.)"

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